Episodes List

Ep.1 A Secret Which I Desired to Divine

Air Date: 2019-09-22

Anne's 16th birthday inspires her to learn more about her genealogy. Meanwhile, the school kids prepare for the Queen's entrance exams, leaving Diana isolated.

Ep.2 There is Something at Work in My Soul Which I Do Not Understand

Air Date: 2019-09-29

Anne's search takes her back to the orphanage, where she's forced to confront new realities while Elijah pays a visit to Avonlea.

Ep.3 What Can Stop the Determined Heart

Air Date: 2019-10-06

As Easter approaches, Mary's illness brings change to Avonlea. An Indian Affairs agent brings news that changes Ka'kwet's life.

Ep.4 A Hope of Meeting You in Another World

Air Date: 2019-10-13

Ka'kwet travels to school, while Anne embarks on the next phase of her quest. Diana pushes back against her parent's wishes resulting in an unforeseen adventure.

Ep.5 I Am Fearless and Therefore Powerful

Air Date: 2019-10-20

A dance rehearsal generates sparks -- and tension. A field trip to the woods opens new horizons for Gilbert. Bash seeks help from an unexpected source.

Ep.6 The Summit of My Desires

Air Date: 2019-10-27

Avonlea hosts the Island County Fair, which brings romance, heartbreak, competition, and disaster. Matthew goes head to head with an old friend, while Jerry seizes a unique opportunity and Anne seeks the advice of a fortune teller. The barn dance brings a devastating incident to light and compels Anne to take bold action.

Ep.7 A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good

Air Date: 2019-11-03

Anne rallies the town to speak out against injustice. Josie makes a brave decision. A secret comes to light, causing a rift between Anne and Diana. Miss Stacy and the kids raise the ire of the School’s Board of Directors, to disastrous results.

Ep.8 Great and Sudden Change

Air Date: 2019-11-10

The students sit for the Queen's entrance exams. Ka’kwet hatches a plan. Aunt Josephine visits and brings a devious scheme. Gilbert is given an opportunity he never could have dreamed of. A new arrival in Avonlea tests Bash’s patience.

Ep.9 A Dense and Frightful Darkness

Air Date: 2019-11-17

After a shocking act of violence, Oqwatnuk and Aluk call upon the Cuthberts for help. Anne is forced to confront harsh truths. Gilbert makes a decision about his future.

Ep.10 The Better Feeling of My Heart

Air Date: 2019-11-24

As the students prepare to depart for Queen’s College, Gilbert takes a final chance. Marilla intervenes on Diana’s behalf. Anne embraces her future but finds that change also brings loss. Elijah returns to Avonlea. Anne has a fateful encounter in Charlottetown. Series finale.