Season 13

Season 13 (2006)

Episodes: 15

Star Cast: James Lipton ,


Episodes List

Ep.1 Forest Whitaker

Air Date: 2006-12-11

Forest Whitaker is profiled and interviewed about his career.

Ep.2 Eddie Murphy

Air Date: 2006-12-18

The comedic actor discusses his huge successes, his big break and his ever-aspirational outlook on life.

Ep.3 Matt Damon

Air Date: 2007-01-08

The writer/actor and all-around nice guy discusses how he slowly but surely rose to fame with persistance and support from friends and family, becoming one of the best-paid and most admired performers in the business.

Ep.4 Diana Ross

Air Date: 2007-02-19

Singer and actress Diana Ross is interviewed about her career.

Ep.5 Chris Rock

Air Date: 2007-03-12

Robert Lipton interviews comedian/actor Chris Rock about his career and background.

Ep.6 Mark Ruffalo

Air Date: 2007-03-19

Host Robert Linton talks to Mark Ruffalo about his various roles.

Ep.7 Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Air Date: 2007-06-04

James Lipton interviews Julia-Louis Dreyfus about her various acting roles.

Ep.8 Kyra Sedgwick

Air Date: 2007-06-11

Actress Kyra Sedgwick is interviewed about her career and movie & TV roles.

Ep.9 Michelle Pfeiffer

Air Date: 2007-08-06

James Lipton looks back at Pfeiffer's career. She returns to the screen after a 5 year absence with a role in the remake of Hairspray, and delves into the execution of her other well-loved characters.

Ep.10 Charlie Sheen

Air Date: 2007-09-17

James Lipton talks to Charlie Sheen about his various film and TV roles.

Ep.11 Billy Crystal (II)

Air Date: 2007-10-08

Actor/comedian Billy Crystal makes a second visit to the show to talk with James Lipton about his work in films.

Ep.12 Sir Anthony Hopkins (II)

Air Date: 2007-10-15

Acclaimed actor and proud owner of a knighthood, Sir Anthony Hopkins returns to talk to James Lipton about his continually successful career on screen and stage.

Ep.13 Alec Baldwin (II)

Air Date: 2007-10-22

James Lipton talks to Alec Baldwin about his career since his original 1994 appearance on the show, and his recent foray into television.

Ep.14 Halle Berry

Air Date: 2007-10-29

This actress, often voted high on "most beautiful people" lists, discusses her difficult upbringing and her perserverance to get into showbizness despite opposition.

Ep.15 John Cusack

Air Date: 2007-12-03

The coolly charismatic actor recounts events from his interesting 25-year career, including his penchant for delivering soulful monologues in the rain.