Sakra (2023-01-16)

Action | Drama |


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  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 130m
  • Popularity: 465.734
  • Language: cn
  • Budget: $0
  • Revenue: $159,959
  • Vote Average: 6.429
  • Vote Count: 98

  • terrapong

    Another mixed bag from Donnie Yen. While the martial arts and fight choreography are fun, the movie itself is boring and incoherent. It feels like a hundred episode TV drama cut into 2 hours of random clips. The amount of nonsense in this movie completely overshadows the good action scenes, which is disappointing.

  • MovieGuys

    Sakra is a mixed bag at best. Well choreographed, martial arts action sequences, are "cut and pasted" into an inarticulate, meandering, disjointed film, with a weak, plot hole ridden, back story, derived from ancient Chinese folk lore, linked to the beggars clan. Donnie Yen and a larger cast of Hong Kong actors, can't save this film from its conspicuous shortcomings. In summary, this is a mediocre effort at best. Its moderately watchable but the dismal back story, combined with a general lack of cohesion is more a frustrating, than enjoyable watch.

  • Chris Sawin

    _Sakra_ is a really fun action film trapped within the confines of a convoluted melodrama which is mostly only worthwhile if you’re a hardcore fan of wuxia films or a Yen enthusiast. The martial arts legend has a strong on-screen presence and is as talented as ever when it comes to anything martial arts related, but _Sakra_ drags its feet with its storytelling, meandering aimlessly between spurts of heavy action. Full review: