Epic Tails

Epic Tails (2023-01-25)

Animation | Adventure | Fantasy | Family |


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  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 95m
  • Popularity: 303.66
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    So, many years after Jason had pinched the Golden Fleece from Colchis, he is now the ageing leader of the happy city of Yolcos and protected by Zeus. When they unveil a rather glittering statue of their patron, this really narks his brother. Poseidon arrives from an ocean maelstrom and promptly threatens them with annihilation unless they build him one too - and it had better have a truly glittering trident, too! The Argonauts are, to be fair, well past their best so it falls to "Pattie" - a rather timid mouse and her orange cat friend "Chickos" to help save the city from oblivion. What ensues here now plays a bit fast and loose with the mythology, but it is still quite en entertaining introduction for youngsters to this fascinating trove of exciting stories and characters. This is a simple story of loyalty and determination tempered with some cyclopses, scorpions, robots, thunderbolts, mythical beasts and it sports plenty of colourful escapades and light-heartedness en route to the fairly predictable ending. This is perfectly watchable family fayre that imbues a degree of humanity into just about every creature and easily one you could leave the kids in front of with no fear of anything untoward happening!