Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 (2023-03-28)

Mystery | Comedy | Crime |

  • The Movie Mob

    <b>Murder Mystery 2 made me laugh. What more do you need from an Adam Sandler Netflix original?</b> Murder Mystery 2… It won't dazzle critics, but for people who enjoy a good laugh and Adam Sandler fans, this movie will be a blast! This marks the third film pairing Adam Sandler with Jennifer Aniston, and their chemistry takes Murder Mystery 2 from ridiculous to charming and entertaining. If you enjoyed the first movie, the sequel continues all the dynamics and hilarity that made its predecessor successful with a little more polish and experience. The fight scene in the van had me laughing so hard my wife judged me a little 😆. The cheese bit and other reoccurring gags were undoubtedly immature… but pretty funny and exactly what you would expect of an Adam Sandler film. Don't compare this movie to Knives Out or Glass Onion. Instead, compare it to Happy Gilmore and The Wedding Singer with a little more murder. Murder Mystery 2 is a Netflix streaming sequel, so don't set your expectations high, but Adam Sandler fans and people that just want a good time will enjoy it.

  • r96sk

    I didn't mind the first film and I don't actually mind its sequel. These feel like the sort of flicks that should be getting 6/10 (or lower) from me but when the credits have rolled on each film I can't deny that I didn't not like what I had just sat through and watched. I haven't really got that many positives either, but rating it lower just feels off to me for some reason. It's a decent murder mystery <em>(ha! I said the thing!)</em> Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are a passable pairing, as a duo I don't think they are all that effective but do do the job and individually I'm evidently content to watch them act; esp. Aniston. Mark Strong, Mélanie Laurent and Adeel Akhtar are some of the others that are involved and, again, they give what's required. Akhtar's character is initially annoying but ends up being fine, and I like the actor from <em>'<a href="" rel="nofollow">Four Lions</a>'</em> and (the quality) <em>'<a href="" rel="nofollow">Utopia</a>'<em>. I didn't need a secondary installment of this, yet I clearly hold nothing against it. I do hope that they don't make <em>'Murder Mystery 3'</em> though... ah crap, who am I kidding - I'd probably find enjoyment with that too.