SAS: Red Notice

SAS: Red Notice (2021-08-11)

Action | Thriller |


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  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 120m
  • Popularity: 1797.293
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  • Vote Average: 5.9
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  • Peter89Spencer

    What was most annoying was that every guess I made in the film I was wrong, especially when some of my guesses would've made sense... - The beginning of the film, there was a girl who recorded the whole massacre. I assumed she would be a witness who would be escorted to testify, which in turn would start off the whole action. Nah, instead they just skipped to the part where it was all exposed. - When the SAS stormed in, Tom Wilkinson's character was by the table peacefully, I would thought it meant he surrendered and was willing to turn himself in and make a plea deal. Instead, Andy Serkis' character shot him dead. - The secret messaging for Ruby Rose's character made me believe Noel Clarke was the informant, only to see her shoot him dead, which dispelled my theory. - At the end, I thought the protagonist would choose to let the baddie live, as killing her is what she would've wanted, only to surprisingly kill her gruesomly. This was a huge disappointing mess.

  • JPV852

    Passable but very forgettable action-thriller. I liked the cast well enough but there's really not a whole lot that stands out from the action/fight scenes to pretty one-dimensional characters. **2.75/5**