Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022-03-24)

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  • Manuel São Bento

    FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://www.msbreviews.com/movie-reviews/everything-everywhere-all-at-once-spoiler-free-review "Everything Everywhere All at Once is undoubtedly one of the best movies of the year, finally putting Daniels on the mainstream radar. With such a low budget, it's almost humiliating that so many expensive Hollywood blockbusters can't even reach the heels of so much originality, imagination, excitement, and emotion. Michelle Yeoh leads the troops in a film that also pays homage to the iconic career of the actress who, at 59 years old, accompanies the fantastic stunt team in truly outlandish fights. The mother-daughter relationship as the emotional core of the story follows a surprisingly predictable path and needs a few more dialogues to deliver an even more powerful climax, but it still induces tears and a genuine sense of concern for the characters. Technically, all the elements are so creatively unique that it warrants the clickbait "you've never seen anything like this". See it in theaters!" Rating: A

  • r96sk

    A truly sensational film! The utter definition of a must-watch. <em>'Everything Everywhere All at Once'</em> is impressive from every single viewpoint. I had heard murmurs of it being a great film, yet it still managed to completely smash my expectations. This 2022 release features a superb cast, a fascinating story and some top notch visuals. The editing and pacing, in particular, are brilliant. The onscreen talent are all fantastic, but Michelle Yeoh is still the absolute standout from this. What a performance! I could watch her in this role over and over and over. With that said, Ke Huy Quan (welcome back!) is awesome as well, as are Stephanie Hsu, James Hong and Jamie Lee Curtis. Everyone plays their part very, very well. All of the humour lands, with some parts being truly funny. It also manages to show supremely enjoyable action alongside a highly meaningful side too. In short: EEAAO is outstanding - you must see it if you get the opportunity! <em>Raccacoonie 👀</em>

  • CinemaSerf

    I loved both Michelle Yeoh ("Evelyn") and Jamie Lee Curtis ("Deirdre") in this entertainingly surreal take on the latest multi-verse theme to hit the cinemas. The former is a lady trying to balance the books at her failing laundry who must face the wrath of the latter - an imposing IRS investigator. Add to her woes, she has her hapless husband "Waymond" (Ke Huy Quan); her recently out lesbian daughter "Joy" (Stephanie Hsu) and her imperious and disapproving father "Gong Gong" (James Hong). Frankly, this poor woman does not have her troubles to seek. Then, all of a sudden, there is a rift - and in best Lewis Carroll tradition, "Evelyn" finds herself in not just one, but in multiple realities where she has everything from superpowers to a need to save the world from beings that would permanently unravel all the layers of existence on planet Earth. It's frankly impossible to adequately evaluate the plot - it lurches, veers, wobbles and meanders all over the shop with precious little linear to guide the viewer. It is a tour de force from Yeoh, well directed and scripted - frequently amusingly - that asks just as many questions as it strenuously attempts to avoid answering. It is aptly titled - and you need to have your eyes (and your brain) on wide beam to get the most from this feast of ostensibly nonsensical, but often poignant, series of escapades that search for what could constitute any degree of life-satisfaction for "Evelyn". A second viewing is highly recommended - it has plenty more to give once you've calibrated your senses after the first time, and big screen shows off some great VFX that do not impose themselves on this character-driven movie.

  • the_original_crt

    Very imaginative movie. I will give it that much. However, in my opinion this movie is not as good as all the hype. The title made this seem to me like a multi dimensional sci-fi film but the sci-fi elements are just dressing to a core plot that's quite bland. Maybe that's what the film makers were going for. To me though it was just a good movie 7/10.

  • SpotaMovie.com

    Full Analysis at Spotamovie.com - **Intro** - Everything Everywhere All at Once is one of the best movies of 2022 and it can easily target some Oscars. It’s an incredible journey through multiverses to discover something mind-blowing that may change your existence. - **The Story** - The Wang are an, apparently, happy family. But when we begin to observe them, we discover fascinating characters with their needs, dreams and frustrations. Evelyn, in the middle of a midlife crisis, needs to learn how to cope with her anxieties, fears and family. On the other hand, her loved ones must understand how to deal with Evelyn, with their needs and how to re-think a life together. All of these crushes with the ongoing crisis of their business. An IRS auditor is making their lives challenging between invoices, debts and the risk of shutting down their business. What are Evelyn’s fears? How is her relationship with herself, with his daughter, husband and father? And what is the multi-verse? - **Enjoy the film and our full analysis at https://www.spotamovie.com/everything-everywhere-all-at-once-review-and-explanation-movie-2022/**

  • The Movie Mob

    **Overall : an unparalleled bizarre cinema masterpiece that approaches the multiverse in a fresh, new, ingenious way.** I have no idea what I just witnessed. Everything Everywhere All at Once is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. This brilliant goofy, zany, ridiculous genius movie will fry your brain cells. This film instantly establishes itself as a necessity for any true cinema lover. Ground-breaking writing that feels like a Christopher Nolan script with no limits and some eccentricity mixed in. I’m not sure if I fully enjoyed the movie, but I also can’t say I fully understand everything Everything Everywhere All at Once is. Not a film for everyone but an absolute must for movie fans or sci-fi enthusiasts.

  • Loki_Lavathein

    Interesting idea about a really multiverse of madness, not for everyone, but I liked it. But I still wanted more of a multiverse, still family relationships make the idea more local, one does not feel the scale of what is happening.

  • Robert “Robbie” Grawey

    It’s literally just THE MATRIX (1999) for an internet generation. It examines its themes of modern nihilism in a somewhat similar way to SORRY TO BOTHER YOU (2018) examines capitalism and racial division; by abstracting the flaws in their thesis with an intense flavor of absurdity, excellent stuff. On a more nuts and bolts level, it’s still insanely impressive; my brain hurts just thinking about being in the editing room for this. The cinematography is surprisingly coherent given the almost manic visual quality the story demands, and it manages consistently to look great. The production design, lighting, costuming, VFX, etc., are all outstanding and are just a joy to watch. The performances are fantastic too! The main cast all knock it out of the park. Hilarious, beautiful, hard-hitting, empathetic, and kinetic filmmaking. I’m so glad I got to see it in a theater! Shoutout to Jenny Slate’s dog and the Randy Newman raccoon for enriching my life.

  • rsanek

    Felt way too much like the film was giving 'nods' to itself about how groundbreaking it was. Didn't feel that way to me and I could only get through 1/3. Not at all recommended.

  • clivend

    I loved it from start to finish. Also it contains few powerful messages. Probably not a masterpiece but a very enjoyable movie I am sure.

  • Nathan

    Everything Everywhere All at Once had lofty expectations to fill, and unfortunately it fails to deliver the five-star rating I was expecting going into the film. There is nothing inherently wrong with the movie in general, there was a surface level plot with complex themes at play, which somehow balances the zany world of the multiverse with an intimate connection between mother and daughter. This connection had a nice arch throughout the story but failed to draw me in emotionally. I understood what I should feel in those impactful moments but had a hard time connecting. The performances were great. Ke Huy Quan was incredible and one of the highlights of the entire movie. His switch from clueless doppy husband to multi-versal warrior had me hysterically laughing. Michelle Yeoh is fantastic and deserving of all her praise and award buzz. Despite my problems with a lack of connection to the story, the action really raises this movie as a whole. There is something so captivating about 60-year-old women performing incredible complex kung fu against one another. The brutality is superb and incredibly fun to watch. Another layer to the action is the actions our characters must perform to tape into their multi-versal selves. These are crazy, vulgar, and some of the most shocking things I have seen on screen. Score: 85% | Verdict: Great

  • tensharpe

    “Everything everywhere all at once” is a joy to experience. A family, who’s business is currently being investigated for tax fraud, find themselves thrown into the realm of the multiverse in order to save existence itself.  Jamie Lee Curtis is the investigator challenged to gain answers to questionable tax deductions while Michelle Yeoh ( Evelyn Wang ) is tasked with providing those answers while being distracted by her husband Waymond ( Ke Huy Quan ) jumping from universe to universe.  What ensues is a fun filled, emotional,  SCI FI adventure that keeps the audience guessing the probable outcomes throughout. The performances of the four main actors, who juggle with very different characterisations of the family members, are magnificent. The Standout performances however are from both Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan who not only showcase their martial art skills but also highlight their fantastic comic timing as they switch between different versions of their characters in each universe they visit.  The optimism and love the central characters show to each other as well as others contrasts so well with the cold uncaring multiverse. What this achieves is “Everything everywhere all at once “ manages to deliver something so unique that it ensures the film will stay with its audience for a long time after.

  • Adriano

    A mediocre episode of Rick & Morty.

  • AstroNoud

    Thanks to good acting, directing and editing, ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ manages to tell its complicated concept of the multiverse quite coherently, even though I sort of lost interest in the story about 30 minutes before the ending. Yet overall, it was all very enjoyable, with references to ‘2001: A Space Oddysey’ and ‘Ratatouille’, and with a surprisingly quiet and funny scene of talking rocks. 7/10

  • Pythonesque

    Everything is fake.

  • Ahmetaslan27

    **things I liked in the movie and things I didn't like.** A Chinese immigrant lives in America and embarks on a crazy and strange adventure in multiple universes. This movie should be called the multiverse of madness. The things that were written in "Doctor Strange 2" I saw in this movie in terms of the worlds, the characters, and the strange things that happen. Critics expressed their admiration for this film and it won the admiration of many, but from my point of view, yes, it was enjoyable, but the duration of the movie was unpleasant and long for me. There is a good message in the movie, which is an atmosphere that contains a rush about oneself and how important we are in this universe, at the same time you discover that you aren't important in this universe. There is a strong emotional factor in the movie, which is the story of a mother with her daughter and the love of the family, but the film sometimes took unexpected comedic paths and was affected by the emotional factor. At the same time, there are things that are supposed to be funny and they actually made many viewers of the film laugh, but at the same time you see Some of the comedy scenes were disgusting and nauseating. The movie is special and it is one of the best good movies you will see in 2022, but at the same time the movie needed a better balance in terms of comedy and drama in a way that summarizes this is similar to the movie The Matrix, which is a person who can enter another world through his mind. Here you see the idea is similar, but in multiple universes, and you see these multiple universes and you see the options. This movie makes you think about your personal decisions and makes you think that there are people like you, but in other universes they made decisions that affected you. Here this idea is creative, but what bothered me was the comedic situations at the wrong time. There are emotional scenes that were touching. Great dialogue scenes, but they were damaged by the comedy because sometimes the movie Reminds me of Marvel movies. The cinematography, editing, and music were wonderful, which was an essential factor in the film's story. The scene of the rocks was eye-catching, wonderful, deep and poignant, but at the same time the director decided to show this story and how he used somewhat disgusting comedic tools. It was something for me that was inappropriate and inappropriate. Yes, I know that this movie has Hollywood agendas, and this is a large part that contributed to it receiving very high and fabulous ratings, but in general, there are things I liked in the movie and things I didn't like.