Moonfall (2022-02-03)

Science Fiction | Adventure | Action |

  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 130m
  • Popularity: 703.929
  • Language: en
  • Budget: $146,000,000
  • Revenue: $58,900,000
  • Vote Average: 6.5
  • Vote Count: 1385

  • Chris Sawin

    With Moonfall, Roland Emmerich has essentially made an even dumber version of Michael Bay’s Armageddon. There’s not a lot to enjoy here apart from K.C. Houseman’s house cat being named Fuzz Aldrin. With its idiotic premise, hammy dialogue involving some of the most exaggerated emotional speeches ever, stiff acting, unfunny humor, and purposely distorted CGI, Moonfall features an overwhelming amount of frenetic nonsense and has no excuse to be as boring as it is. Full review:

  • tmdb81678279

    After watching the movie, I thought that if I had watched it on a streaming platform I would wish I caught it in the cinemas. Luckily I watched it on an IMAX cinema so the screen was huge and the sound was great, dialague was loud and clear. It had an entense tone to it to keep my attention. There were jokes here and there, but nothing major to distract me at all. I liked that it starts a bit slow and builds up, the second half is what remind me why I go to the cinemas, non-stop action and greatly done shots that you wish to put on your computer screen. It's science fiction film that captivates your imagination. The plot and ideas I found very interesting. I enjoyed the movie, so I would recommend to catch it in the cinemas. Bigger cinema, the better. My only complaint is that it couldn't take advantage of the full IMAX screen that was available, probably due to budget constraints.

  • r96sk

    A bit messy, this. <em>'Moonfall'</em> is actually good in areas that I was expecting it to be bad in and bad in areas I thought it might've been good in. I had caught one of the trailers - at the cinema for a different film - and didn't hold high hopes for it, especially with the <em>'<a href="" rel="nofollow">Don't Look Up</a>'</em> similarity, though thought the humour/silliness might carry it over the line. Yet, the humour is poor and it's in fact the more serious elements that come to the fore. I honestly enjoyed the sci-fi bits of it and the more dramatic stuff. The comedy is very lame, I don't think I even smirked once to be honest. They should've just played it totally straight, in my opinion anyway. The special effects, meanwhile, are a positive. The cast, when not comedic, work fairly well together. Halle Berry, John Bradley - who may be at the front of the limp jokes but he as an actor is likeable enough that I didn't dislike him at all - and Patrick Wilson - who I always forget the name of, I was literally trying to recall him throughout the film and I still didn't crack it - are a solid trio when serious. The support cast, spearheaded by Michael Peña, are meh. Unfortunately it's a 6/10 rating from me. I do like disaster movies - <em>'<a href="" rel="nofollow">2012</a>'</em>, Roland Emmerich's best, is great - but this one fell short; particularly towards the end. I wouldn't, personally, say it's as bad as that average rating chart suggests, but to each their own of course.